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The Plains Indians, Artist of the Earth and Sky
Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Feather Headress, 1925,  Eagle feathers, native-tanned leather, glass beads, pigment, wool cloth, metal cones, porcupine quills, horsehair, silk ribbon, otter and ermine skin

 Shield with buffalo bull and thunderbird, Crow, Buffalo rawhide, pigment, native-tanned leather, 1800 - 1825, Montana

 Women's Boots, Native-tanned leather, rawhide, glass beads, German-silver buttons, pigment, 1870

Wedding Robe, Crow Tribe, Native-tanned leather, glass beads, wool felt, ca. 1895

Peyote Fan, Kiowa tribe, Golden eagle, parrot, and macaw feathers, native-tanned leather, glass beads, metal, German silver, Oklahoma, 1945


Orkney Chairs 
Late 1800's, early 1900's 
oak, pine, straw, grass


Vija Celmins

To Fix the Image in Memory (1977-82) 
 * a series of 11 rocks and their artificial pair, painted bronze

“I got the idea for this piece while walking in northern New Mexico picking up rocks, as people do. I’d bring them home and I kept the good ones. I noticed that I kept a lot that had galaxies on them. I carried them around in the trunk of my car. I put them on window sills. I lined them up. And, finally, they formed a set, a kind of constellation. I developed this desire to try and put them into an art context. Sort of mocking art in a way, but also to affirm the act of making: the act of looking and making as a primal act of art.” By having each original rock installed with its duplicate, Celmins invites the viewer to examine them closely: “Part of the experience of exhibiting them together with the real stones,” she has said, “was to create a challenge for your eyes. I wanted your eyes to open wider.”




Robert Smithson

1000 tons of asphalt, 1969

 Mirrors and Shelly Sand, 1970

Spiral Jetty, 1970


Carved Stone Balls
found in Scotland, Orkney Islands 


Towie, Aberdeenshire, 3000 - 2500 BC

Paiute Tribe 
(Native American) 

 Paiute bottleneck olla basket, Mono Paiute


Paiute winnowing basket, food and preparation, c. 1915

Paiute seed storage jar , late 19th Century


Richard Aldrich

Slide Painting #2 (Me Looking at “I am a Fruitcake I am a Fruitcake” Painting), 2010 
Photographic slide on canvas 30 x 20 in / 76.2 x 50.8 cm

Portrait of Roger Waters Attached to Painting, 2014 (1998) 
Oil and wax on paper, plastic and cardboard on linen 84 x 58 in / 213.4 x 147.3 cm

  Marcel Proust in Search of Lost Time, 2010
 Oil, wax and collage on canvas 84 x 58 in / 213.4 x 147.3 cm

Untitled (Four New Starts) 
2013 Wood and cloth on linen 84 x 58 in / 213.4 x 147.3 cm

Untitled, 2011 
Oil, wax, enamel and oil bar on linen 84 x 58 in / 213.4 x 147.3 cm

 Untitled, 2013-2014 
                                         Oil, wax, charcoal, oil bar and enamel on linen 84 x 58 in / 213.4 x 147.3cm


 Maureen Gallace
represented by 303 Gallery

Storm, 2014, oil on panel

September Sunset, 2014, oil on panel 

Late June, 2006, oil on panel