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Casa Luis Barragan
1947, Mexico City


Casa Eduardo Prieto Lopez 


Marisa Merz

Scarpetta, wire mesh, filament, nylon, 1970, 60 x 100cm

 Installation view, Foundazione Merz, 2011

retrospective exhibition at Foundazione Merz, 2013

ltalena per Bea (The Swing for Bea), 1968, wood, steel


Violin shaped Cycladic Greek figurine

Chalandriani figurine (Early Aegean), Cyclades, Greece, ca. 2300–2000 B.C.

Nicholas P. Goulandris Foundation – Museum of Cycladic Art, image for curated show by Stefanos Tsivopolous


Cy Twombly

"White paint is my marble"

 Pasargade, 1994, Wood, stone, white paint, 34 x 80 x 31.5 cm written verso in pencil;
‘Memory of Pasargade
To separate the Light from the silence
And the light from the calm’
fragment from a poem by George Seferis


 Untitled, Bassano in Teverina 1985 / Wood, palm leaves, plaster, wire, paper, nails and glue 25 x 8 x 15 1/8"

 Untitled, Rome 1990. / Bronze 12 1/2 x 13 1/2 x 8 1/4"

 Untitled 1983, Rome, cardboard box, wood plaster, wire nails, scotch tape, white paint, 23 x 12 5/8 x 19 1/4 inches

Cynus, Rome, 1978, wood palm leaf nails paint, 16 x 9 3/4 x 2 1/4" 


Agnes Varda 

Sandrine Bonnaire in Vagabond, by Agnes Varda, 1985, film still

Sandrine Bonnaire in Vagabond, by Agnes Varda, 1985, film still

Sandrine Bonnaire in Vagabond, by Agnes Varda, 1985, film still

Agnes Varda, portrait


The Plains Indians, Artist of the Earth and Sky
Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Feather Headress, 1925,  Eagle feathers, native-tanned leather, glass beads, pigment, wool cloth, metal cones, porcupine quills, horsehair, silk ribbon, otter and ermine skin

 Shield with buffalo bull and thunderbird, Crow, Buffalo rawhide, pigment, native-tanned leather, 1800 - 1825, Montana

 Women's Boots, Native-tanned leather, rawhide, glass beads, German-silver buttons, pigment, 1870

Wedding Robe, Crow Tribe, Native-tanned leather, glass beads, wool felt, ca. 1895

Peyote Fan, Kiowa tribe, Golden eagle, parrot, and macaw feathers, native-tanned leather, glass beads, metal, German silver, Oklahoma, 1945